Past meeting: 2021

Date: October 15, 2021

15th Dutch-Flemish Research Meeting on Personnel Recruitment and Selection

Location: University of Groningen
Organizer(s): Susan Niessen, Rob Meijer
Guest-speaker: Dr. Marjolein Fokkema, Leiden University

Program: Full program 15th DF meeting 2021.docx

Presentation slides
– Dan Asfar (Free University Amsterdam) – The normative judgment test of honesty-humility: a novel implicit instrument
– Tom Junker (Erasmus University Rotterdam)- Predicting the long-term performance of junior researchers using personality scales
– Sophie Bouland-van Dam (Free University Amsterdam)- Learning agility: Scale development and leadership intervention study
– Senne Letouche (Ghent University)- Exploring psychological network analysis as a new tool for understanding organizational culture
– Tom Bergkamp (University of Groningen)- How can soccer performance be predicted validly and reliably?

In case you are interested in slides of the other presentations, please contact the presenter.