Past meeting: 2022

Date: October 22, 2022

16th Dutch-Flemish Research Meeting on Personnel Recruitment and Selection

Location: University of Ghent
Organizer(s): Eva Derous, Maaike Schellaert
Keynote speakers: Prof. dr. Donald Truxillo (University of Limerick), and Prof. dr. Nathan Kuncel (University of Minnesota)

Program: Program Ghent 2022

Presentation slides
– Donald Truxillo (University of Limerick) – Reconceptualizing the applicant experience
– Dan Asfar (Free University Amsterdam) – Individual Differences as Predictors of Refugees’ Workforce Participation: An Integrative Approach
– Djurre Holtrop (Tilburg University) – A Field Experiment of Personality-Targeted Recruitment Strategies for Volunteers
– Marthe Rhys (Ghent University) – Employee Ambassadorship: Scale Development and Validation
– Marvin Neumann (University of Groningen) – Bridging the Science-Practice Gap in Selection: Encouraging Evidence-based Assessment and Decision Making
– Nathan Kuncel (University of Minnesota) – Retaining the Expert While Reducing Noise in Selection Decisions