Past meeting: 2023

Date: October 20, 2023

The 2023 annual meeting took place on October 20th 2023 and was hosted by the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Keynote speaker: Prof. dr. Filip Lievens (Singapore Management University): The chemistry between us: Illuminating complementarity effects in assessment via moment-to-moment analyses

Programme 2023

Presentation slides

– Rob Meijer: Drenth (2008) “Psychology is it applied enough” revisited
– Joris Steinmann: The robustness of assessors’ first impressions of ethnic minority and majority medical trainees
– Delphine van Muylem: Mind the ad: Why ethnic minorities do (not) apply
– Lucas Dierickx: Employer branding and employee well-being: The impact of a well-being policy on applicant attraction
– Karen Stegers-Jager: Look before you leap! Choosing and continuing medical school based on a realistic picture of the course and the medical profession
– Filip Lievens: The Chemistry Between Us: Illuminating Complementarity Effects in Interpersonal Assessment via Moment-to-Moment Analyses
– Dimitri van der Linden: Overlap in trait measures and the general factor of personality
– Maaike Schellaert: Text- versus VR-based SJTs: The relation between age-related differences and
stimulus format on applicant reactions and test performance

– Marvin Neumann: New insights on improving decision making in personnel selection
– Ard Barends: Pre-employment integrity screening in the Netherlands
– Patrick Dunlop: Generative AI use by Job Applicants Part I and Part II